from 350 CZK
Rebels – new staging of the original retro movie musical by Filip Renč and Zdeněk Zelenka will after 20 years entertain the audience of the Karlin Musical Theatre.
2 hours 30 minutes (incl. break) (incl. break)

Sister Act

from 350 CZK
Based on the Touchstone Pictures Motion Picture "Sister Act" written ba Joseph Howard.
2 hours 40 minutes (incl. break)


from 350 CZK
About the Musical Carmen brings a magical spectacle in the Broadway style to Prague, featuring no lack of daring circus numbers.
3 hours (incl. break)

Jesus Christ Superstar

from 350 CZK
The musical/rock opera Jesus Christ Superstar was created by lyricist Tim Rice and composer Andrew Lloyd Webber in 1969. It tells the story of the last days of Jesus from his arrival in Jerusalem to his crucifixion.
2 hours 20 minutes (incl. break)

The Addams Family

from 350 CZK
Creepy musical comedy is back! THE ADDAMS FAMILY je rodinný typ muzikálu, se skvělou hudbou a inteligentním humorem, plným satirické nadsázky. Od premiéry v Hudebním divadle Karlín, na podzim 2014, se do května 2017 odehrálo bezmála 120 repríz této ukrutné zábavy. A nyní se vrací v plné síle zpět!
2 hodiny 40 minut (incl. break)

Holmes, The Legend

from 350 CZK
More or less fictional story of the musical is based on fame of the legendary detective Sherlock Holmes and the twists and turns of his creator Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.
2 hours 55 minutes (incl. break)

The Roses' Season

from 350 CZK
Juke box musical featuring songs performed by the Czech most popular male singer Karel Gott
3 hours and 5 minutes (incl. break)

Dracula 2018

from 350 CZK
Dracula is a Czech musical created by Karel Svoboda, Zdeněk Borovec and Richard Hes.
2 hours 35 minutes (incl. break)

The Making of a Musical

from 219 CZK
The Making of a Musical – a unique musical revue! The Karlin Musical Theatre proudly presents its third musical act of the 2018/19 season, the unique, funny and just a little educational musical show Jak se dělá muzikál (Making of a Musical) by the very prolific and ingenious author and musical director Antonín Procházka.
1 hour 10 minutes (incl. break)

Sněhová královna

from 290 CZK
Is probably the best known fairy tale of H.Ch. Andersen. Libreto writers Jan and Alena Pixovi, re-told the story, so that the spectators have fun, laugh and enjoy an extraordinary fairytale atmosphere.
2 hodiny 30 minut (incl. break)

Queen Kapeska

from 290 CZK
Today already well-known characters and a stunning fairy-tale of Drop of honey for Verunka (Kapka medu pro Verunku) musical, will come back to life in free-continuance named Queen Kapeska.
2 hodiny 20 minut (incl. break)

Merry Widow

from 290 CZK
Hanna Glawari is a vastly wealthy young widow from the small and poverty-stricken Balkan province of Pontevedro. Ambassador Baron Zeta is anxious that when Hanna re-marries, it is to a Pontevedrian and not a Frenchman, to keep her money in the country and save them all from ruin.
2 hours 45 minutes (incl. break)

Acoustic Christmas with NOID

from 850 CZK
A traditional Christmas concert
2 hours (incl. break)