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The Making of a Musical

The Making of a Musical

The Making of a Musical – a unique musical revue!

The Karlin Musical Theatre proudly presents its third musical act of the 2018/19 season, the unique, funny and just a little educational musical show Jak se dělá muzikál (Making of  a Musical) by the very prolific and ingenious author and musical director Antonín Procházka.

It´s easy to fly when you are a bird... It´s easy to make a Musical when you are gifted and skilled to face the uneasy... Making a Musical is not difficult at all. You only have to manage to sing when you have laryngitis, act with high fever, tap with twisted ankle, keep smiling even when your favorite cat has just been run over by a car, spend two hours in a heavy medieval armor or just be standing in draught wearing just your own talent. This could sometimes be a very light dress for someone...

All stage elements look very simple, seamless, joyful and spontaneous. That´s the way it should be! Our show Jak se dělá muzikál (Making of  a Musical) is intended for those who are interested in what's behind the lightness, joy, seamlessness and spontaneity.

We can't call it a Performance. It's not even an Educational Concert which sounds horribly like a big boredom. It's a Comedy. A Journey through the beautiful Torment starting with selection of the Title, Auditions and Callbacks, Readings, Staging... We will show you the backstage of the Theatre', its Make-up rooms, Workshops, Prop rooms. You will encounter the Opening night Stage Fright and the Euphoria afterwards.

At the end of your Journey, you might be just a pinch cleverer and smarter BUT without being harmed. Your guides through the Musical birth will be the Masters of their Art themselves:

Iva Pazderková, Markéta Procházková, Bára Šampalíková, Dominika Býmová, Ines Ben Ahmed, Václav Noid Bárta, Martin Písařík, Denny Ratajský, Ivo Hrbáč a Antonín Procházka.

So have a pleasant journey and see you soon at The Karlin Musical Theatre.

Script and Director                Antonín Procházka

Conductor                              Kryštof Marek

Choreography                        Pavel Strouhal

Costumes and set                   with Courtesy of all Authors we use our existing sets and                                                  costumes designed for the shows of The Karlin Musical Theatre

Light design                           Pavel Dautovský

Sound design                         Petr Ackermann

Video footage / projections   TDT Studio Filip Plíhal



Iva Pazderková

Markéta Procházková

Barbora Šampalíková

Dominika Býmová

Ines Ben Ahmed

Antonín Procházka

Václav Noid Bárta

Martin Písařík

Denny Ratajský

Ivo Hrbáč

Grand Opening at The Karlin Musical Theatre Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Only in Czech language! Without english subtitles